Cool Casas

Huatulco is home to many Cool Casas so we wanted to dedicate a page to exploring these amazing properties.  What makes them cool could be their sheer grandeur, an artsy quality, a quirkiness, location or simply the quality.  There is a little something for everyone.  We hope you enjoy a closer look!

Villa Encantada - Balcones de Tangolunda

One look at this beautiful oceanfront home will tell you that this is one special property. Villa Encantada, or the Enchanted House is 10,000+ square feet of living with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

This private home has grand double wooden doors at the foot of the driveway, whick gracefully leads up to the main entrance of the home. Moving through the entrance you are greeted over head by an impressive chandelier that illuminates the space. You quickly get an idea of the grandeur of this property and the reason that is has been a favorite villa for the likes of movie producers, musicians, dignitaries, and even a reality TV show!

As you move through the entryway, you begin to really see why this is such a cool casa. An expansive living area with a reflecting pool stands before you and leads your eye out into the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. To the left, a wet bar so can make sure that neither you, or your guests are ever too far from drink service. Just behind here, you have an informal dining area where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner, while also enjoying that magnificent view! And if you look all the way to the left, there is a very grand, formal dining room for hosting those extra special guests.

Details abound at Villa Encantada...whether it's the carefully crafted brickwork, offset floor tiles, colorful Mexican tile accents, or the meticulous woodwork, this home is a one of a kind. Let's not forget about the kitchen. Located centrally to the main living area, this kitchen has everything that a chef could ever want in a kitchen space. A 6 burner gas range on the island makes this area a great prep area. There is also a gas oven / grill combination and dishwasher to round out the appliances. And, there is also a service window that can be closed off if you want to keep the kitchen more private, and away from your guests.  

Once you have your bearings on the main floor, it's time to head downstairs. One of two stairways will take your there, and once you reach this level, it's probably time to grab a bar stool and fix yourself a margarita at the lower bar. Tastefully decorated with Mexican touches and a large wooden Coca Cola sign, this is the perfect place for entertaining as the second living room and pool area awaits. From here, the choice is yours, head to the massage room first and then a relaxing dip in the infinity pool, or cool off in the sunken pool loungers, and then off for that full body massage.  

And if you prefer something a little more active, head down the practice bunker to sharpen your golf game, or grab your snorkel gear and visit the secluded beach's all yours!

There are three bedrooms on the lower level and one on the top floor each with with their own en-suite. These beautifully appointed bedrooms take full advantage of the ocean views and feature king size beds, seating areas, terraces with sliding pocket doors, and of course the beautiful en-suites...private, peaceful, and completely comfortable! The fifth bedroom is a hidden surprise, and is located beneath the pool. A quick stroll past the pool and down the rock pathway will lead you to this hide-away. If it is privacy that you are seeking then this bedroom should definitely fit the bill. You'll love the open tub and shower's like a honeymoon here 365 days a year!  

There are so many cool things about this home that it would be difficult to capture it all in the pages of this website. To truly appreciate it, you must see it for yourself. 

For more information and more photo of this cool casa click on the link:

Casa Tulco - Residential Sector O

This home, or actually two homes, form one of the coolest complexes in Huatulco...the only difficult part will be trying to explain every detail!

The Casa Tulco complex is really made up of two stand alone single family homes...Casa Tulco and Casa Teca.  And you probably realized by the look of the entrance here, that this is no ordinary home. 

Located in the residential neighborhood of Sector O, the exterior facade is subtle but very recognizable by the myriad of colors used to accent the layers of exterior architecture.  Of course you still have to make your way past the iron gates before the real artistry unfolds before you.

Once you are inside the property you quickly realize there is more to this place than just the homes themselves.  Be sure to bring along your book of tropical flowers and'll need it here as the owners have done an amazing job of creating the spectacular grounds. And what would a lush landscape be without a beautiful pool to anchor in all that greenery.  The pool itself sits between both Casa Tulco and Casa Teca and features a beautiful mosaic tile work of a looks great when you are cooling off after another steamy day in paradise, but be sure to head to the roof top terraces of either home to admire the detail work from above.   

Stepping inside either of these homes is like stepping into the minds and personalities of the artists who created this oasis.  As you make your way through the incredible entry way the home is awash in warm tones of yellow and orange and offset by the cantera stone floors.  Modern pieces of furniture are juxtoposed by the colorful patterns of the throw cushions and vibrant works of art adorning the walls.  The spaces are open and meant to provide clear sight lines to the outdoor pool area.

Once you are finished exploring the first floor of Casa Tulco head upstairs to the TV room to relax or sip a cold cocktail on the terrace while reading your favorite novel.  The elevated position provides open views to the lush grounds and pool area.  The space has tones of natural light, flooding in from both sides and this loft also has views down to the entry foyer...drama indeed!

And once you are ready to lay your head on a pillow you'll find that the bedrooms are well appointed, and very cool!  Of course you can expect more great artwork, and subtle details that exude Mexican chic.  The more you look, the more details you find!  The master bedroom has a unique setup...large iron sliding doors conceal a secondary bedroom off the main bedroom, and can be used as a private space or a room for a child if you want to keep them near.  Access to this secondary room can be gained directly from an outdoor patio area that has beautiful tile inlay.

Casa Teca is the smaller of the two houses but keeps that same cool vibe just like it's bigger brother.  The living space lends itself to casual entertaining, relaxation, and that great indoor / outdoor living concept. The pool is of course always close by so if you need to grab some more snacks or cold drinks, it's just a quick transition to the kitchen. 

If you are finding that you want a little extra privacy then a secluded patio area off of both bedrooms should serve you well.   Bring your iPad or magazine and bask in the tranquility of this private space.  The bedrooms are comfortable and full of color, and of course the walls showcase the work of the owner...beautiful!

It is impossible to completely capture the feel of this cool casa, so we urge you to explore it for yourself.  This great vacation rental property is offered exclusively by Resort Real Estate Services and can be rented as an entire complex, or each home individually...for more information click on the the appropriate link below:

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Casa Tulco Complex:

Villa Escondida - La Bocana

This Cool Casa is located in La Bocana at the eastern end of the Bays of Huatulco and is home to one of the better surf beaches in the area.  Flanked on the east by the Copalita River, Villa Escondida is a beachfront property on Playa La Bocana and, as the name suggests, it's a hidden oasis behind the beautiful wood and iron studded entryway.

Once you make your way through the gate you are greeted by beautiful foliage which adorns the walls of this villa. Nature is brought inside, creating a synergy with it's environment.  And it gets even cooler from you enter the main house a beautiful reflecting pool and "floating" walkway lead your eye to the ocean beyond.  This dramatic feature is accented by an open air ceiling exposing the tropical skies above.  What happens when it rains?  Huatulco is very fortunate in that we receive virtually no rain during the winter months. But, occassionaly when the skies do open up in the summer months, the Spanish tile that frames the reflecting pool from above is designed to drain directly in the the pool area.  It makes for a dramatic natural water feature during the summer.

No cool Mexican casa would be complete without the use of stone.  Beautiful cantera flooring is found throughout the home and provides an authenticity and rustic elegance that is in keeping with the Spanish colonial-style architecture.  Even the beautiful columns are made from cantera!  Off-setting these neutral tones is the more textured stonework lining the stairway to the second level.  This same stone work can be found gracing some of the exterior walls to the villa and marries up the design principals of bringing the outside in.  Careful attention to detail abounds in this home.  Large picture windows were added to the second level exterior wall so as to provide a view to the sea from two of the three bedrooms found on this floor. 

As you pass into the main living area you are greeted with spectacular ocean views across the main terrace and an abundance of natural light in the living room, dining room, and bar area.  The open plan encourages large gatherings with friends and family, and since the temperatures in Huatulco are predominately in the low 30's C, the beautifully crafted wooden doors can remain wide open to the natural elements. 

No detail has gone unnoticed.  The square dining table that seats up to 8 people encourages conversation while taking in the tranquil setting of the ocean as a backdrop.  Right down to the selection of plates and cutlery, design synergy is always at the forefront, and the Spanish-Mexican influence is very present.  Even the furnishings, both exterior and interior, reflect the designer's vision in harmonizing the carefully selected elements with the overall architecture.  From the woven baskets, pillows, pottery, art, and embroidered beach towels, every detail seamlessly blends together.

And since the owners and guests spend a great deal of time outside, one of the coolest parts of this villa is the terrace and pool area.  The cantera floor carries to the outside creating a transition from indoor living to outdoor living.  And once you are outside you can choose between two terraces.  For quick access from the outdoor sofa, two lounge chairs await on the main terrace.  If more privacy is desired, you can always try out the secondary terrace that hangs out over the beach...a unique position indeed!

And since hanging out in the sun all day can really work up an appetite and thirst, one of the coolest features of Villa Escondida is the Escondida Bar.  It is fully-stocked with a grill and has direct beach access so you're never that far from a cold one.  Take a reprieve from the sun or sit on the beach at one of the tables, it's your choice!  Oh, and let's not forget about the massage room.  Your bones will be aching after a day of surfing so a relaxing massage is definitely in order.

As you can imagine, the four bedrooms at Villa Escondida are just as cool as the rest of the home.  Three of the four bedrooms offer private terraces with sitting areas to enjoy that early evening glass of wine, or relax with a good book.  Well-appointed, comfortable and complete with a mini fridge in each room, what more could you ask for!

Not surprisingly, the master suite is the showcase bedroom and features dramatic ocean views, an open double shower with pebbled floor, double onyx vessel sinks, even a secure lock-up storage area within the master closet.  From the bed, the views run unobstructed as the bathroom area was intentionally sunken so the countertops would not impeded the cool is that!

If you are not quite ready to retire to the sheets yet, then a trip to the expansive roof top terrace is a must.  This is a fantastic location to watch the sun fade into the mountains, or catch the last light on the surf below.   Don't forget that cold margarita!  And if you happen to be a guest at Villa Escondida, a romantic dinner from this lookout and a nice bottle of wine is a great experience.  Oh, and did I mention you should bring that unfinished bottle of wine to the hot tub after to watch the stars? 

I could go on and on about this beautiful place but, to truly appreciate it, you will have to come and see if for yourself.  The good news is that you can rent this villa for your next vacation!  And once you have stayed here and fallen in love with Villa Escondida, you can now make it your own.  It is listed for sale exclusively with Resort Real Estate Services...